Long lasting, easy care Readylawn

Your green lawn grass is easily maintained - with the right knowledge and products, your grass will thrive in all conditions with minimal effort.

The health of your soil is determined by the health of your turf grass. Rich soil is one where the water, air and nutrients can travel through it, encouraging long roots, strong leaf growth, and replenishing soil regeneration.

Pests, fungi and weeds love to invade unhealthy grass. Healthy lawns encourage good microorganisms, insects and plants to grow while discouraging pests, fungi and weeds.


Turfgrass can advise how much water to use on your lawn. We even have watering agents to make it that much easier.


Knowing the right mowing technique makes it easy to have lawn pride at your home.


There are many different From npk fertiliser, slow release fertiliser, to organic grass fertilizer, we can tell you which one is best for your lawn. We’ll even tell you how to apply and the best time of the year to spread it over your lawn.

Weed Control

Is your lawn grass covered in weeds? We have the right product to kill weeds on the spot and stop it spreading. We also have grass seed for those bare patches.

Pest Control

Is there a pest eating your beautiful turf grass? We have lots of products for any type of bug infestations to stop them in their tracks.

Lawn seed, fertiliser and chemicals including Wetting agents are available to purchase from Readylawn Auckland Ltd