Turf Types & Prices

Over recent years we have increased the number of turf varieties and now offer the following:

Cool Season Grasses

turf type 76.jpg

California Green

Tall Fescue

The traditional Tall Fescue was introduced to New Zealand by Readylawn in the early 2000's. The leaf texture of Tall Fescue is rather coarse compared to other turf grasses. This means that it stays greener in dry summer periods & tolerates higher temperatures. This variety is now a rhizomatous tall fescue. This enables it to repair itself if it is damaged for any reason.

Price: $12.50 m2 Incl GST(ex yard)


  • Improved wear tolerance
  • Need less water than rye grasses
  • Rhizomatous and will recover easily from any setback
  • Coarser leaf than rye grasses
  • Medium to dark colour

Recommended Use

High traffic areas

Suitable for children's playing areas and for animals



turf type 79.jpg

Superfine - Currently unavailable

Superfine is a blend of Fine Fescue/Chewings Fescue/Creeping Red Fescue

This is a blend of Fine Fescues and is finer than the traditional rye and more suited to shady areas. It does require more attention but a very good turf for formal areas.

Price $12.50 m2 incl GST (ex yard)
This is a very fine bladed grass.


  • Good shade tolerance
  • Tolerates close mowing
  • Medium green colour

Recommended Use

High quality landscaping

Tees, fairways

Sports turf


Warm Season Grasses

Agridark Couch

Bermuda Grass - Available late December - March

This bermuda grass is the finest and darkest coloured couch available on the NZ market. It is a deep rooting variety that requires little water during the summer months. We have both sand and soil grown options available.


Price: $18.00 m2 Incl GST 
Fine bladed couch grass


  • Very good wear tolerances
  • Will recover from any setbacks
  • Requires the least amount of water
  • May brown off in frost prone areas
  • Dark green in colour

Recommended Use

Coastal areas of northern north island

Holiday homes

Sports fields

High quality home lawns

Areas where water is at a premium



Synthetic Grasses

synthetic grass portland.jpg

Variety of Synthetic Grasses available

Our artificial grass lawn that still provides a natural looking lawn with great durability. This is available as a 25mm to 50mm pile.

The most lifelike synthetic grass available, it is UV stabilised to minimise fading and manufactured from the highest quality yarn in the world.

  • No watering
  • No fertilisers
  • Looks great all year
  • 7 year warranty
  • UV stabilised to minimise fading
  • Manufactured from the highest quality yarn in the world
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduce allergy triggers

Recommended Use

Where can reduce allergy triggers

Low maintenance