1,2,3 Spring steps to luscious green lawn

1,2,3 Spring steps to luscious green lawn

Published Aug 10, 2022 | By admin


As soon as the weather starts warming up, we all want to head outdoors. 

But wait, how does your lawn look?

Gone a little yellow or brown over the winter?  Got patches of dirt?

That’s easily fixed – with a little know-how and prep, we’ll help you get your lawn back to luscious, soft green again.

But first steps, first.

Assess your lawn to find out exactly what it needs to help restore itself back to its magnificence.

  • What colour is the lawn?
  • Are there any bare patches?
  • Do you have any weeds?
  • Do you want to extend the lawn area?
  • Does it need mowing? If yes, then mow it

OK, we’re ready to go –


Step 1 – Feed

 Feed your lawn with Readylawn Maintenance granular fertiliser.

 This product is gold for green lawns as it slowly releases much needed fertiliser to gradually feed your lawn over a period of 6-8 weeks in one application.

Lawns love this fertiliser as it contains all the nutrients your lawn needs after winter – a high level of NPK with iron (the iron is what gives your grass its deep green colour, naturally).  Be careful though as the iron in the granules may stain tiles, pools and concrete.

Do not mow after applying this fertiliser as the slow-release granules will be damaged.


Step 2 – Weed

Hand weed foreign weeds and grasses if necessary. 

You can spray weeds with broadsword when your lawn is healthy and growing actively. 

If you have Ryegrass or Tall Fescue lawn you can spray Ethopro [enter link] to eliminate Poa which naturally grows in Auckland and is prevalent in the winter months.


Call us on 09 572 8001, if you need help identifying weeds or want to know the right weed product for your lawn.


Step 3 – Water

Water your grass for 15-20 minutes.

If you find the water is pooling on the top of your lawn, and not soaking into the roots where the water needs to get to, we recommend you add a wetting agent in late Spring.   

You’ll be sitting back and watching your lawn come alive in no time at all. 


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